Van Gogh In Poems

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What the critics have to say...

"Dine's work is remarkable in that it evokes what we know today
as some of the most pivotal undercurrents, emotions, and events of
the artist's life...Her language is spare, and it is just enough to speak to,
and for, the artist's life and heart."

--Cynthia Reeser

 Carol Dine's spare, unerring poems pull us into Van Gogh's life and work. Every aspect of the struggle to make art comes alive -- from moments of deep personal grief and doubt to the pure joy of applying color to a canvas. How fortunate for us that Dine can articulate both the difficulty and absolute necessity of the artistic endeavor.

-- Jennifer Barber ( Editor of Salamander)

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Places In the Bone

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What the critics have to say...

"Dine's prose is a poet's prose, often beautiful . . . [the book] reads like a skier on a slalom course full of jigs, jags, and quick jumps that capture a good amount of the fine surprises and sudden disasters in her life."
-- Norman Mailer

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Other Previously Published Works...

"…[Dine’s poems are] Blakean, brilliant in both their compression and their compass….So much about which we are in the dark is here revealed to us, in these poems that time will not eclipse."
-- Kelly Cherry, author and poet


"One of Carol Dine's strongest poems ends with the exhortation, 'If you are alone, run.'. The world of her imagination is charged with danger. She writes as a woman who has known losses, with an acute awareness of what it means to be vulnerable and mortal. Her poetry is open, intimate, and unflinchingly honest."

-- Stanley Kunitz